What Direction Should My Solar Panels Face In Kansas City?

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Installing solar panels depends on your home’s architecture and roof, but in general, your solar panels should always face either south, east or west to get the most out of your solar array. That means that solar panels are a viable option for almost any homeowner, and if you’re wondering how your solar panels should be installed to maximize your home’s solar potential, you can learn more about the contributing factors below.

Why Should Your Panels Face South?

If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun will always be in the southern part of the sky as the earth orbits the sun. Because of that placement, solar panels are most likely to capture the maximum amount of sunlight if they are facing south. However, if a southern direction is not an option, eastern- and western-facing panels can also capitalize on the sun’s rays. It just won’t be as optimal as those facing south.

What Else Goes Into Panel Placement?

Depending on your home’s location and surroundings, a solar expert will examine several factors to determine optimal solar panel placement. This includes the following points:

  1. Shading: If your roof experiences shading for any part of the day, it might be necessary to take steps to compensate for lost solar production. This could include the installation of a larger solar array or even tree removal.
  2. Roof Steepness: The steepness of your roof will determine how much sunlight can be gathered. In most cases, it’s best if your roof is at an angle between 30o and 40o, because that’s the angle that will allow your solar panels to harvest the most sunlight. 

If My Roof Doesn’t Face South, Will Panels Work For Me?

Yes, solar panels could still work for you if your roof doesn’t face south! There’s a lot more to solar panel installation than the direction that your roof faces. With the help of experienced solar experts, there’s an excellent chance that you can develop a solar panel solution that will work for you.

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