Pink Energy Value Pack

Solar Panels + Pink Energy Battery + SMARTPWR360º = The Ultimate Solar Solution
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Solar Panels

Pink Energy’s American-made solar panels deliver high solar efficiency and energy output. The modern tier-1 panels are monocrystalline and will be a subtle feature on your roof with their slim, sleek aesthetic. Our solar systems bring homeowners throughout Kansas City the ability to own their power, and that’s why they are the foundation of our Pink Energy Value Pack.

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Pink Energy Battery Backup Power3

We are thrilled to be working with Pink Energy, a power industry leader, to add reliable battery backups to your solar panel system. When you combine your solar panels with a Pink Energy battery backup system, you can store excess energy to be used anytime. This could be at night or anytime the grid is down.

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SMARTPWR360º™ Solutions

The SMARTPWR360º™ package allows you to optimize your home’s energy efficiency and see the most benefit of your solar panels. This product package should reduce your home’s current overall energy consumption and potentially increase your utility bill savings by up to 25%.4

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What Makes The Pink Energy Value Pack A Top Seller?

When you get the full solar package including our solar panels, a Pink Energy battery and SMARTPWR360º™ solutions, you get the most out of your solar energy! Together, each element of the package works to maximize the solar energy produced and minimize the energy necessary to power your Kansas City-area home.

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