How To Go Solar In Kansas City, MO

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Solar energy is one of the most effective green energy options available for residential uses. Accordingly, the solar movement has spread quickly across the U.S., including Kansas City, where more homeowners are choosing to embrace solar savings and rely less on the grid. 

Adding solar to your Kansas City home might feel like a daunting process. However, with the right support, it can be an easy transition with as little frustration and stress as possible. To get an idea of what kind of steps you’ll need to take in your transition to solar energy, read the article below.

Evaluation Of Your Home’s Solar Potential

In order to potentially depend less on the grid by adding solar to your home, you’ll need to consider how well solar energy will work for your home’s unique needs. This involves a professional’s opinion and the consideration of the following factors:

  1. Shading: If your home does not receive enough sunlight to produce reasonable amounts of solar energy, you will need to consider what steps must be taken before you install solar panels. This can mean tree removal because branches that are trimmed back can always grow back!
  2. Roof Condition: If your roof is not in good shape, it might not be able to support the installation of solar panels, no matter how careful your panel installation team is. Before you schedule a day for your panel installation, you’ll want to make sure that your home is just as ready as you are.
  3. Past Electric Bills: In order to understand your home’s energy needs, a solar expert will examine your past electric bills to determine your baseline energy usage. This will provide insight into how many panels will be needed to support your energy goals.

Once your solar consultant has the information they need to understand your home’s energy consumption, they can provide a quote for a solar panel system that will work for you.

Making Solar Energy Go Further

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your solar panel system, here are ways you can enjoy your solar energy beyond allowing it to power your home!

  1. Install a Pink Energy battery backup: A backup battery will store excess electricity for future use when your panels aren’t actively producing energy. This could be during an outage or at night.
  2. SMARTPWR360OTM Package: This suite of energy efficiency products allows you to reduce your home’s energy consumption overall, which allows your solar energy to go further. 

Go Solar In Kansas City, MO

For more information about how to go solar in Kansas City, contact our local Pink Energy team! We would love to work with you to ensure that you receive the biggest benefits of solar energy for your home.